When will I receive a green card interview date?

In short, your field office determines how long it takes to receive your interview date notification. The waiting time for interviews to be arranged in the various field offices ranges from 1 month to more than 2 years or even longer due to the delayed process during the COVID-19 pandemic.

How Iong do I have to wait for an interview date?

The waiting times are not guaranteed. It is solely depending on the processing time of your field office. So, if there is a long delay at your field office, it could even take longer than the estimated processing time. By the time of writing this article, most of the field offices are experiencing a delay, which is caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

How can I see my field office waiting times?

Step 1: Find your field office by entering your zip code here. Step 2: Check the processing times for your field office here. By comparing the current processing date and your priority date, you can come up with a rough idea of how long it will take for your interview to be scheduled.

When will I know my green card interview has been scheduled?

You will know your interview has been scheduled if your case status online changes to “interview scheduled”. This means you finally have an interview date. Although you won’t be able to find the exact date online, you will receive the notice with your interview date by mail in about 2-4 weeks after this status change.