Alien Number

What is Alien Number?

Alien Number (AKA A-Number/Alien Registration Number/A#/USCIS#/USCIS Registration Number) is a unique seven-, eight- or nine-digit number assigned to a noncitizen by the Department of Homeland Security. IMPORTANT: USCIS does not assign everyone an A-Number. U.S.-born citizens and many nonimmigrant visitors do not have alien registration numbers.

Where can I find my Alien Number?

You may find the A-Number in various immigration-related documents if ever assigned one.

On Immigrant Fee Handout

When you attended your interview at the U.S. embassy or consulate, the DOS interviewing officer should have given you a USCIS Immigrant Fee handout. This document provides instructions on how to pay the USCIS Immigrant Fee and includes your A-Number and DOS Case ID in the top right corner, as shown below.

On Immigrant Data Summary

When you attended your U.S. embassy or consulate appointment, you should have received an immigrant data summary stapled to the front of your immigrant visa package. You can find your A-Number and DOS Case ID at the top of the immigrant data summary, as shown in the picture below.

On I-797 Notice of Action

There are many versions of I-797 Notice of Action. Each type of application or petition has its own version. As a result, the location of A-Number varies.

On Immigrant Visa

You can also find an Alien Registration Number on an immigrant visa. Your A-Number is identified as the “Registration Number” in the top right portion of the visa stamp. Note: A nonimmigrant visa does not contain an Alien Registration Number.

On an EAD

You can find your Alien Registration Number on an Employment Authorization Document (work permit). In the example below, the A-Number is listed as “000-000-811” underneath USCIS#.

On a Green Card

If you have a permanent resident card (green card), you can find your Alien Registration Number on the front side. Because USCIS redesigned green card several times, green card has different versions.